About Us

Welcom To AS Account Solution

Who we are

We are believers in the power of simplicity.
We are transforming everyday workflow and businesses by building software products that simplify processes.

Our Work

Our Goal is to provide dedicated customized software to ease the work of customer. We are covering around 25 sectors and satisfying their requirements and needs.
Our company believes in quick service, for which our call centre team is there who Connects our clients online and resolves their issues.

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Company Advantage & Strength

Our Software is not bounded to a particular market as we are providing Offline / Online customized packages in all the sectors(around 19 sectors), which are developed as per the client’s requirement with competitive price rate.

Significant challenges the company faces now
and in the near future

The new technologies which are coming in market everyday those are bit challenging as we have to upgrade our software according to them time to time.
But our team is very flexible to adopt the new technology and platform, and so to develop the software with those.